bree was here.

More of Cayden~ and Neptune..with serious brow game.

"Call my name and save me from the dark.."

"Call my name and save me from the dark.."

Working on a new project~ Meet Trent, Fang and Cayden~




Some worse quality 69 minutes challenge fills that you can stare at while I try drawing anything proper again

If I recall right the themes were “Flowers”, “Fairytale”, “Minor character”, “Time skip” and “Family”


Tepig - ” What are your bottom ten Pokemon?”

I guess that means my ten least favourite Pokemon. These aren’t in any particular order I just don’t care for these Pokemon.

1. Gothita
2. Wormadam
4. Binacle
5. Diggersby
6. Trubbish
7. Stunfisk
8. Purugly
9. Klink
10. Bidoof

so what's your favourite pokemon? mines leavanny

Leavanny is a great Pokemon! My favourite Pokemon is Phantump~ I love the little mask he wears and his evolved form is cool too!